At Lambourn Race Nights we provide  Race Night, and Racing Dinner events for charity fundraising, corporate entertainment, private parties and celebrations.

Our specially selected races include flat races and jump racing in England and abroad and feature a range of leading television commentators. For something a little bit different, we also have a number of pig and dog races.

How much will we raise?

From our experience, an event attended by 50 to 100 people can raise anything between £500 and £1,500. It is not uncommon for an event attended by 100 to 200 people to raise well in excess of £2,000. Our most successful event raised £8,400 from 96 guests.

Our experience

We have over 30 years experience and a wealth of testimonials from delighted clients. We are probably the most experienced racing presenters in the south of England having developed a unique style when it comes to entertaining our audiences, so if you are looking to have fun fundraising, look no further than Lambourn Race Nights.

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