Race Nights

Race Nights

All race night or racing dinner bookings include the services of a Lambourn Race Nights Master of Ceremonies (MC), who will take full charge of running the event for you.  All you have to do is appoint a responsible person to look after the money being raised on the night – and then, both you and your team of organisers can relax – and simply enjoy the evening!

Format of a race night

During the evening, footage of the races will be projected onto a large screen for all your guests to watch. Guests will have the opportunity place bets on horses, and buy and own a horse. 


Included in our Race Night packages is a ‘rolling’ general knowledge/sporting quiz. Commencing from the 2nd race onwards, the first 2 people with the correct ‘multiple-choice’ answer – drawn out of a quiz bucket – will win a free bet just before the ‘Off.’

Auctioned races

Auctioned races are great fun for all events.

The final race of the night may be auctioned, with the audience bidding as individuals, syndicates or tables to become either an owner or trainer of a horse. All money raised then goes to the winning syndicate or is split between 1st and 2nd place syndicates, which ever you prefer.

If the event is for charity fundraising, then up to 50% of the money raised on each auction should go to the charity with the winner or winning syndicate receiving the balance.

The Owners / Jockey’s Championship (An optional 9th race)

To round off the evening, you may choose to run a 9th race. The Owners or Jockeys Championship.

For this race, the winning owner or jockey of the 1st race will ride horse No.1. The winner of the 2nd race will ride No.2 and so on.

In the 9th race the owners/jockeys coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd would share the money raised on the race.  If it is a charity fundraising event, up to half of the income raised would go to the charity.

The decision on whether to have this Championship can be deferred until the very start of the evening.







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