Planning your event

Planning your event

If you are planning a race night, listed below are the things you will need to consider. 


The ideal venue for an event is one that holds 50 people or more. Usually, the greater the number attending the greater amount of money raised.

Separate ‘candlelit’ tables for groups of ten, or more, provides the perfect ambience and atmosphere to kick off a successful event.

(Please do not use scented candles due to allergy of one of our MCs)

Cost of entry ticket and food

We recommend that you keep the cost of the event tickets reasonably priced and ideally they should include a supper e.g. Fish/Chicken & Chips, Curry, Lasagne & Salad or a traditional Ploughman’s meal.

Charity events – gaining sponsorship, advanced sales and prizes 

We recommend you obtain a headline sponsor for the event. The headline sponsor will then cover the Lambourn Race Nights hire fee.

Well before the event we recommend you recruit the services of at least eight helpers or volunteers to obtain sponsorship of the races from local companies or firms at a cost of £50, £100 – or more!

Ideally, each helper takes responsibility for obtaining sponsorship for one race and to pre-sell the ownership of the 8 runners in that race, for £5 or more.

e.g. You might ask a local firm or business to sponsor a race for  £200 – but include a table of 10 ‘free tickets’ for their employees and friends.

Owners can either select their horses from our own pre-printed race card, which is included in the price, or they can name their horse with a title of their own choosing (see Customised Race Cards below). (NOTE, In this way, people who are unable to attend the event can still show their support by buying horses).

Each winning owner receives a prize and these prizes too can be covered by sponsorship.

The ‘whole’ team’s job is also to sell as many tickets for the event as they possibly can.

We cannot stress too highly the thoughtful delegation of these advanced sponsorship and pre-selling duties, for our experience has shown that the least impressive results have always come from where these important activities were placed on the shoulders of just too few – or the wrong individuals entirely.

Customised race cards

If you require a customised or a more personalised race card, where all the horses are named using the names of people and businesses attending or supporting your event, we will be pleased to provide this service at a cost of £30. You may even consider raising extra money by selling advertising space in your own race cards.

Organising your tote volunteers

At the start of the event a rostered team of volunteers will be required to sell £1 tote tickets to your guests from behind a prominently situated betting table.

Absolutely no knowledge of betting is required and all volunteers will be fully briefed before the start. This duty will not preclude them from placing their own bets.

Appointing a Treasurer

You should appoint a Treasurer for the evening to work alongside our Master of Ceremonies and generally take charge of all monies raised.


A float of £1 per head – consisting of mainly £1’s (plus a few 50p’s and £5 notes) will be needed.

Legal permission

A special licence is not required for our Horse Racing events, although real money is being bet on the tote as opposed to ‘fun’ money, as these “ticket only” functions are permitted under Section 15 of The Lotteries and Amusement Act 1976 provided no skill is involved in taking part and no prior knowledge of the race is divulged to the audience before the tote is closed and the disk/film is then loaded.

These horse racing events must not be advertised publicly and where licensed premises are involved, the room in which the event is being held, must not be open to members of the public – neither must it have a Gaming Licence, such as a Bingo or Casino room.

Entry must be by a pre-purchased ticket only and the event must be only open to Friends, Families, Supporters or Members of the bona fide cause or charity for which the fund raising occasion is being organised.

‘Occasional Liquor and Temporary Events’ (TENS)

Should the event/venue require a special licence from local magistrates to sell alcoholic drinks, we advise that you apply for this well in advance of the event.

Putting you first

We pride ourselves on being a caring organisation when it comes to helping you and your team plan and prepare for your event. If necessary, we will come and meet with you and your team to advise on what to do and more importantly what not to do when it comes to making a horse race evening a success.

Among the important guarantees that we promise is one where YOU the customer will always have full control over all the monies raised from the event. We do not remove or take charge of the Tote – and then send on a contribution at a later date, neither do we take a percentage of the Tote profits.

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