Racing Dinners

Racing Dinners

Inter-Course racing

The next time you plan a dinner with friends, family, colleagues or as a charity fundraiser, why not consider adding some Inter-Course Racing?

Three auctioned races are run during the evening taking place between the courses, so do not interfere with your evening’s timetable, the speakers, disco, murder mystery or the serving of dinner.

Before the start of a race each horse is auctioned by our Master of Ceremonies with the money raised going to the winning owner, or syndicate. For charity fundraising event 50% of the money goes to your charity.

The average income achieved by our auctioneers is currently between £900 – £1000 per race. (One 3 race event grossed over £1,350 per race and made a £2,600 net profit for the Charity. Another particular event, held specifically to raise money for a friend who was fighting cancer and who also happened to be a much loved character, raised £10,600 from just 3 ‘Inter-course’ races.)

Tote betting facilities are not available with Inter-course racing.

Price £325 (VAT is not payable)

Galloping Gourmet evenings

A ‘Galloping Gourmet’ (GG) horse racing evening is set around a three course dinner and includes full tote betting facilities. With up to eight races (time permitting), ‘GG’ races offer a full night of racing designed to dovetail-in with the serving and eating of food.

Price £325 (VAT is not payable)

For both Inter-Course and Galloping Gourmet events, the charity would be responsible for arranging the catering.

Racing Murder Mystery evenings

Performed by our Murder Mystery partner, MurderedforMoney, and including Inter-Course racing, we are delighted to offer this fundraising evening of mystery and mayhem. Please visit our Murder Stakes page.







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